John Nixon
John Nixon
A stills camera in a moving world

John Nixon

A stills camera in a moving world

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About Me

We move through life or sit passively and watch life pass by, either way there is relative movement.

Until recently, in over thirty years of photography, I rarely set up and took photographs in the studio. My pictures were usually of the things I saw around me and of a spontaneous nature. Now I take more control of my light.

Raw images will go through considerable postprocessing before what appears in print matches what I saw in my mind as I pressed the shutter release. This is not manipulation of the image - simply part of the process of capturing it.

I've made a conscious decision to avoid developing a signature 'look' preferring to remain free to develop new ideas and approaches.

Purchasing prints

Prints are available for sale either mounted and framed or unframed.

Commercial work

Whilst not a 'commercial' photographer, John is always willing to consider commissioned assignments.
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